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Herbal Extracts

Herbal extracts offered by Kuber Impex are hygienically developed from pure and fresh herbs under the able guidance of our professional experts. These  botanical extracts are totally in sync with international quality standards, which makes them popular in domestic as well as overseas markets. They find usage in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, ayurvedic and other related industries.

Our herbal extracts are meticulously prepared from natural herbs and they undergo various rigorous tests to ensure their flawless quality & containing valuable medicinal properties.

KIL Code Botanical Name Part/ Used Common Name Chemical Marker(s) Use / Activity
HE121 Nardoatachys jatamansi root Jatamansi Vol.oil 0.1%-0.5% Sedative
HE122 Nelumbo nucifera seed Kamala Saponins 30% Stimulant
HE123 Nigella sativa seed Kalonji Bitters 3% Saponins 15% Anthelmintic, Carminative
HE124 Nyctanthes arbortristis leaf Harsinghar Alkaloids 0.15% Antiheumatic, Anthelmintic
HE125 Ocimum basilicum leaf Sweet basil Tannins 5 Vol.oil 1.5% Stimulant, Aphrodisiac
HE126 Ocimum sanctum herb/leaf Holy basil/Tulsi Tannins> 7% Ursolic acid > 2% Stimulant,Immunomodulator
HE127 Oldenlandia corymbosa plant Khet papra Alkaloids 0.35% Liver tonic, Febrifuge
HE128 Onosma echiodes root Ratanjot Alkamine 1% In skin eruptions
HE129 Operculina tupethum root Nisoth Resin > 10% Purgative
HE130 Opuntia dilleni herb Vidara Tannins 10% Antispasmodic
HE131 Orchis mascula tuber Salep misri Saponins 4% Mucilage 20% Aphrodisiac, Tonic
HE132 Phyllanthus niruri her Bhui amla Bitters 1.4%-2% Anti-hepatotoxic
HE133 Picrothiza kurroa root Kutki Kutkin 4%-6%, Bitters >6% Anti-hepatotoxic, Tonic
HE134 Piper cubeba fruit Kabab chini Piperine 1.0% Stimulant, Carminative
HE135 Piper longum fruit Pippali Piperine 5% Carminative, Stimulant
HE136 Piper nigrum fruit Kalimirch Piperine> 10% Carminative, Antiperiodic
HE137 Pistacia integerrima gall Kakrashingi Tannins 20% In bronchitis
HE138 Plumbago indica root Chitrakmool Alkaloids 0.8%-0.15% In skin diseases
HE139 Polygala chinensis root Senaga Indian Saponins 5% Antipyretic, Dizziness
HE140 Pongamia glabra seed Karanj Fixed oil 10% Bitters 1% Skin disease
HE141 Prunus serotina bark Wild cherry Tanninbs 10% Astringent
HE142 Psoralea corylifolia seed Babchi Psoralen >5% Antipsoriatic
HE143 Pterocarpus marsupium wood Bijasar Powder Alkaloids 0.4% Pterostibene 4%-5% Flavones 5% Anti – Diabetic
HE144 Pterocarpus santalinus  bark   Red sandalwood Santalin >3% Astringent, Antidiarrheal
HE145 Pueraria tuberose root Bidarikand Flavones 6% Demulcent,  Tonic
HE146 Punica granatum rind Anar Ellagic acid by HPLC> 8%, Tannins 10-20% Antioxidant
HE147 Putranjiva  roxburghii berry Putranjiva Alkaloids 0.5% Antipyretic
HE148 Pyrus malus fruit Apple Iron 4-6% Nutritive, Natural Source of Iron
HE149 Quercus  infectoria gall Majuphal Tannins 40% Astringent
HE150 Randia dumetorum fruit Mainphal Oleonolic acid >5% Antioxidant, Liver protectant
HE151 Rauwolfia serpentina root Sarpgandha Alkaloids >8% Hypotensive
HE152 Rheum emodi root Rhubarb Oxymethyl Anthraquinones >5% Blood purifier, Liver protectant
HE153 Ricinus communis leaf Arand Alkaloids 2.5% In jaundice Anti-inflammatory
HE154 Ricinus cordifolia root Manjistha Tannins >2% In skin diseases
HE155 Salacia reticulata root Koranti Glycosides> 15% Flavones> 5% Antirheumatic, In skin diseases
HE156 Santalum album wood Sandal wood Vol.oil2% Coolant, Antibacterial
HE157 Sapindus trifoliatus fruit cortex Ritha Saponins 20% Detergent
HE158 Saraca indica bark Ashoka Tanins>2.5% Urinary tonic
HE159 Saussurea lappa root Kuth Alkaloids> 0.2% Antispasmodic, Carminative
HE160 Semecarpus anacardium kernel Godambi Anacardic acid o.4% Antiseptic
HE161 Sida cordifolia root Bala Alkaloids >0.1% Stimulant
HE162 Silybum marianum seed Milk thistle Flavones> 50% Siymarin 50% Hepatoprotectant
HE163 Solanium nigrum berry Makoi Alkaloids 0.2% Btters>1% Expectorant, Lver Tonic
HE164 Solanum xanthocarpum plant Kantkari Solasodin>1% Expectorant, Tonic
HE165 Spinacia oleracea leaf Spinach Vit K by TLC Antioxidant
HE166 Stychnos nux vomica seed Kuchla Alkaloids 3%-6% Tonic,Aphrodisiac
HE167 Swertia chirata plant Chireta Bitters 4% Anti-diabetic
HE168 Symplocos racemosa bark Lodhra Alkaloids 0.5% Urinary tonic
HE169 Taraxacum officinale herb Kanphul Bitters 2.5% Akaloids 0.5% Hepatic stimulant
HE170 Tecomella undulata bark Rohu Tannins 10% Astrigent
HE171 Tephrosia purpurea plant Sarphunkha Rutin 2%-6% byHPLC Antioxidant
HE172 Terminalia  arjuna bark Arjuna Tannins >25% Arjunic acid>1% Cardio vascular  Suort Antiarrhythemic
HE173 Terminalia belerica fruit Baheda Tannins> 10% Detoxificant
HE174 Terminalia chebula root Harir Tannins 20%-40% Detoxificant
HE175 Tinospora cardifolia root Guduchi Bitters>1.5% Febrifuge
HE176 Trachyspermum ammi fruit Ajowan Vol.oil 10% Carminative
HE177 Tribulus terrestris fruit Gokhru Saponins 20-60% Spermatogenic,Ovagenins Stimulator
HE178 Trichosanthes dioica leaf Patol patra Saponins 10% Anti-diabetic
HE179 Trigonella foenumgraecum seed Methi Saponins 15%-40% Fiber 50% Antilipemic Anticholesteremic
HE180 Trikatu Combination Vol.oil> 1% Pperine>2% Increases bio Availability of drugs
HE181 Triphala Combination Tannins >25% Detoxificant
HE182 Triticum sativum bran Wheat bran Vit B1=40mcg/g B2=.28mcg/g B5=1130mcg/g Nutritive
HE183 Triticum sativum germ Wheat germ Oil Vit.E 0.8% by HPLC For skin diseases
HE184 Tylophora indica leaf Anantmul Alkaloids 0.1% Anti-asthmatic
HE185 Urginea  indica bulb Indian Scilla Glycosides 10% Cardiac stimulant,Diuretic
HE186 Valeriana wallichi root Tagar Valeric acid 0.8% Sedative
HE187 Viburmum spp. Bark Narvel Tannins 2.5% Uterine tonic Emmenagogue
HE188 Viola odorata flower Gul banafsha Saponins 2.5% Astrigent, Diaphoretic
HE189 Vitex negundo leaf Nirgundi Alkaloids 0.15% Vermifuge Antiheumatic
HE190 Vitis vinifera fruit/seed Draksha Polyphenols>20% Antioxidant
HE191 Wedelia calendulacea herb Bhangra Tannins 5% Saponins 2% Liver tonic
HE192 Withania somnifera root Ashwagandha Withanolides > 2.5% Immunomodulator Antioxidant
HE193 Woodfordia floribunda flower Dhai-phul Tannins 7% For leukorrea
HE194 Zingiber officinale rhizome Ginger Gingerols by HPLC> 5% Antiarthritic, Antinauseant
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