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Certified organic spices & condiments

Kuber Impex presents a comprehensive range of organic spices, certified organic herbs, organic herbal extracts and certified Indian spices, which are rich in their respective active ingredients, aroma, color, taste and nutrition values and extensively used for the purpose of preparing many herbal medicines and flavoring the food. “As per the requirement of the client we offer customized packaging. Our ayurvedic herbal products are certified 100% organic by one cert, under NOP of USDA & NPOP of India”

KIL Code Common Name Form
OS-01 Arrowroot Powder Powder
OS-02 Amaranth Organic
OS-03 Aniseed (Ajwain) Whole
OS-04 Aniseed Powder Powder
OS-05 Bay Leaves Whole
OS-06 Bishop's seeds Whole
OS-07 Black POSper Whole
OS-08 Black POSper Powder
OS-09 Black POSper Whole (Garbled) Garbled
OS-10 Black POSper Whole (Ungarbled) Un Garbled
OS-11 Bahara Dry Whole Whole
OS-12 Bahara Chilka
OS-13 Basil Hybrid (Greenish Brown)
OS-14 Basil Black Whole
OS-15 Basmati Rice (Dehraduni)
OS-16 Besan (Gram Flour)
OS-17 Chicken Tandoori Masala Whole
OS-18 Chicken Tandoori Masala Powder
OS-19 Chicken Masala
OS-20 Cardamom BIG
OS-21 Cardamom Small Whole
OS-22 Cardamom Small Powder
OS-23 Cardamom Black (Large)
OS-24 Coriander Whole
OS-25 Coriander Powder
OS-26 Coriander Leaves Whole
OS-27 Cumin Whole
OS-28 Cumin Seed Powder  Powder
OS-29 Cloves Whole
OS-30 Cloves Powder
OS-31 Cinnamon Whole
OS-32 Cinnamon (Dried as small pieces)
OS-33 Chillies Dry whole Whole
OS-34 Chilly Powder Powder
OS-35 Cashew Kernels 180 Grade
OS-36 Cashew Kernels 210 Grade
OS-37 Cashew Kernels 240 Grade
OS-38 Cashew Kernels 320 Grade
OS-39 Cashew Kernels K Grade
OS-40 Castor Seed Whole
OS-41 Chana/Chole Masala Whole Whole
OS-42 Chana/Chole Masala Powder Powder
OS-43 Chat Masala Powder
OS-44 Curry Powder Whole Blend Powder
OS-45 Curry Powder Powder Blend Powder
OS-46 Curry Mix Chicken (Indian Cuisine) Blend Powder
OS-47 >Curry Mix Egg (Indian Cuisine) Blend Powder
OS-48 Curry Mix Fish (Indian Cuisine) Blend Powder
OS-49 Curry Mix Lentil Soup (Indian Cuisine) Blend Powder
OS-50 Curry Mix Meat (Indian Cuisine) Blend Powder
OS-51 Chives Whole
OS-52 Celery Whole
OS-53 Fenugreek (Methi) Whole
OS-54 Fennel Lucknow
OS-55 Fennel Whole
OS-56 Ginger Dry Whole Whole
OS-57 Ginger Slice
OS-58 Ginger Flake
OS-59 Ginger Powder Powder
OS-60 Ginger whole Fresh Mango Whole
OS-61 Ginger Mango Dry whole Whole
OS-62 Garlic Whole
OS-63 Garlic Flake
OS-64 Garlic Powder
OS-65 Garlic Low
OS-67 Garlic Medium
OS-68 Garlic Best
OS-69 Garam Masala Whole
OS-70 Garam Masala Powder Blend Powder
OS-71 Honey
OS-72 Hand Pound Rice
OS-73 Harida Dry Whole
OS-74 Harida Chilka  
OS-75 Kuttu / Buck wheat Flour
OS-76 Kasoori Methi Whole
OS-77 Lemon Grass Whole
OS-78 Meat Masala Whole Blend Powder
OS-79 Meat Masala Powder Blend Powder
OS-80 Mace Whole
OS-81 Maize Seeds
OS-82 Mustard Seed whole   
OS-83 Mustard Whole
OS-84 Mint Whole
OS-85 Marjoram Whole
OS-86 Nutmeg with shell
OS-87 Nutmeg without shell Whole
OS-88 Nutmeg Powder
OS-89 Niger Seed whole
OS-90 Nigela Black Cumin Seed
OS-91 Nutri Atta (W+C+M+C+R)
OS-92 Nutra (Roasted Amaranth’s)
OS93 Nutra Honey Plus
OS-94 Onion Whole
OS-95 Oregano Whole
OS-96 Processed Vanilla A Grade Whole
OS-97 Processed Vanilla B Grade
OS-98 Vanilla Sugar Blend
OS99 Ground Vanilla
OS-100 Parsley Whole
OS-101 Rai Whole
OS-102 Ragi whole
OS-103 Ragi Powder
OS-104 Ragi / Madua Atta
OS-105 Ragi Vermicelli
OS-106 Rajma Masala Whole Blend Powder
OS-107 Rajma Masala Powder Blend Powder
OS-108 Rose Marry Whole
OS-109 Sambhar Masala Whole Whole Blend
OS-110 Sambhar Masala Powder Powder Blend
OS-111 Shahi Kourma Masala Whole Whole Blend
OS-112 Shahi Kourma Masala Powder Powder Blend
OS-113 Shakkar /Jaggary
OS-114 Soya Bean
OS-115 Sesame Seed White whole
OS-116 Sesame Seed Brown whole
OS-117 Sage Whole
OS-118 Sun Flower Oils
OS-119 Turmeric Finger whole 2-3% curcumin Whole
OS-120 Turmeric Finger whole 4% curcumin
OS-121 Turmeric Finger Whole 6% curcumin Whole
OS-122 Turmeric Whole
OS-123 Turmeric powder Powder
OS-124 Turmeric powder Powder
OS-125 Tamarind Paste
OS-126 Tamarind Deseeded
OS-127 Thyme Whole
OS-128 Terragon Whole
OS-129 White POSper whole Whole
OS-130 White POSper Powder Powder
OS-131 Jhangora Rice
OS-132 Jakhiya
OS-133 Vanilla
OS-134 Yellow Chilly Whole Whole
OS-135 Yellow Chilly Powdered Powder

  • Packing : The packing for the above products will be in 25 Kgrs Jute bags & for the individual packing , price will be settled based on the cost of the packing inputs on actual basis & in required packing modules .
  • Harvesting : The harvesting time of all above Organic Spices, is from November to April except Cardamom and Clove.
  • Stock Availability : Depends on confirmation
  • Compliance for making entry in respective country to be taken care by buyer on his account himself.

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